Begusarai : Industry
DIC(District Industries Centre)

District Industry Centre manages and control the entire industrial activity of the district. It provides registration of industrial units, keeps data, gives training to new entrepreneur. It provides loan (PMRY) to educated unemployed youths and hence them in establishing industry/business/services.

The registered small and tiny industries from year 1975 to Dec 2003 is as follows .....

 Sub-division                No. of Registered Units

 Begusarai                           2004

 Teghra                                 810

  Bakhri                                 184

  Ballia                                   237

  Manjhaul                             172


Total                                    3407


bullet Barauni refinery is one of the country's biggest oil refinery's at Barauni in Bihar State. The     refinery is managed and controlled by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.(IOC). Barauni Refinery was built in collaboration with Soviet Union at a cost of Rs. 49.40 crore and went on stream in July 1964. By November 1967, the initial capacity was expanded from 2 MMTPA (million metric ton per day) to 3 MMTPA. The present capacity of the refinery is 6.00 MMTPA.
bullet BTPS was established on 26 January 1963 , starting from 15 MW with a unit of (Kerosine Oil to Coal) 365 MW, BTPS went through different stages of revolutions.
bullet Chemical fertilizer plants are located at Barauni in Begusarai District. In Nov'1962 it was proposed to the govt.In 1967 it was established. Here 330 Ton urea is ready per year. It is expanded in 330 acre Lands. The name of final product is Moti Urea.  
Established in 1959, a fully co-operative organisation,markerting it's product to Kolkotta,Ranchi,Jamshedpur,Bokaro,Gaya,Danbad etc. M.D.Barauni  Dugdh Utpadak Sahkari Sangh Ltd, Barauni Diary.    Ph No --  32202,32888,32908. Fax-----  32430



1. Kumar Hydro Carbon Industries Private Limited
Manufacturer & exporter of calcined petroleum coke.
Address: Industrial Area, Barauni, P.O-Tilrath, Begusarai - 851112, India
Phone: +(91)-(06243)-22880   Fax: +(91)-(06243)-23373
2.  Kanishka Carbon
3.  Airson Retailers
4.  Surekha Metal Enterprises
5.  National Auto Works
6.  Ram Padharth Show Mill
7.  Bihar Machinery Product
8.  Bihar Petrol Chemical
9.  Kumar chemicals
10. Electro Cabon India Pvt Ltd.
11. Bihar Chemical Co-orporation
12. Hindusthan Industries
13. Vikas Industries
14. Panvan Mahabir Wax Industries
15. Choudhary Chemical
16. Mahabir  par  product Pvt. Ltd.
17. Nipo Carbon
18. Barauni Carbon
19. Graphite India Ltd.
20. Jai Mata di Metal Pvt. Ltd.
21. Binod Petroleum
22. M/S. Mregandra Cold storage pvt. Ltd. ,Rajbara Barauni.
23. Sarkari Seth Bhandar Barauni
24. Begusarai Cold Storage
25. Jai Shankar Hume Pipe Tilrath
26. Mahavir Industries Unit-2 ,Industrial area baruni
27. Universal Hydro carbon
28. Bharat Chemical Co-orporation Insustrial Area
29. Ranjeet Congrit Industrial Area.
30. M/S Plastic Imporium BajalPura Teghra Bazar.
31. Bharat Masaca Industries, Guara Teghra.
32. Anamika Volyag Laxman Tola, Bachwara.
33. M/S BajRand Floor Mill Pvt. Ltd. Teghra.
34. Bina washing Acid Works Sahvri Barauni.
35. Impherial Industries ,18 Barauni Industrial Area Tilrath
36. Barauni Engineer Co-orporation,Industrial area Baruni ,Tilrath.
37. Kanhai Masala Udyad, Malti Baruni
38. Mukesh Bakery, Rajdhani chowk Bihat
39. Om. Coal Briqutte, Kesaway Barauni
40. Janki Bhandav,ratnpur
41. Jai Lakshmi Industries ,Chatarbhuj Asthan
42. Permanad Bakery ,Panchambha ,Sahivd Nagar
43. Venketeshwar Industries ,Power House Road
44. Laloo Biscuit Industries,Anandpur
45. Rohit Bakery, Bus Stand
46. Navi Hast Kala Mandir, Azad Krtiv Mugeri Ganj
47. Roy Electrical Co-orporation ,Pokharia
48. Milkoj Food Products, Sindhaul
49. Diamond Atka Chakki, Diviyapur,Matihani
50. M/S Janta Bakery, Sabjee Bazar
51. M/S Anand Dal Mill, Bakhri Bazar
52. Deo. Coal Brequatte Sind,Bakhri Bazar
53. Keshri Floor Mill,Bakhri Bazar
54. M/S Sahu Dal Mill,Bakhri Bazar.
55. New Choudhary Bakery
56. New Hero Bakery,Lakminia
57. Pachbir Atta Chakki, Pachbir Bazar, SahebpurKamal
58. Leather Finishing Indutry {1958}
59. Gautam Oil Industries.Ratanpur.