NIC District Unit

    Introduction: Department of Information Technology which forms part of the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology is responsible for formulation, implementation and review of National Policies in the field of Information Technology, Silicon facility, Computer based Information, Technology and Processing including hardware and software, standardization of procedures and matters relating to International Bodies. Promotion of Knowledge based Enterprises, Internet, E-Commerce and Information Technology Education. All matters relating to development of Electronics and coordination amongst its various users.

             This is being achieved through three pronged strategy, namely, in supporting technology development, setting up of critical infrastructure and formulating policies conducive to industrial growth.

National Informatics Centre (NIC):

                         National Informatics Center (NIC) of the Department of Information Technology is to provide computer-based informatics services for decision support to Government offices/bodies at national, state, district and block level. NIC offers network services over Ku-band (TDMA,FTDMA,IPA & SCPC VSATs), Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) and local Area Networks (LANs) with NICNET gateway for internet resources, facilitating informatics services for decentralized planning, improvement in government services, and wider transparancy of national and local governments. NIC implements Information Technology Projects, in collaboration with Central and State Governments, in the areas of (a) Centrally sponsored schemes and Central sector schemes, (b) State sector and State sponsored projects, (c) District Administration sponsored projects. NIC has State Informatics Offices in all States and Union Territories.

                         National Informatics Center (NIC) of the Department of NIC has always endeavoured to ensure that the latest technology in all areas is available to the NIC users. In this direction, a SCPC DAMA Hub has been installed at Delhi to network various districts and link to important projects using Video Conferencing as well as data and voice transmission. The long used C-bank Network was finally discontinued and all NIC district centres were provided with IPA/FTDMA VSATs.


NIC Services Inc. (NICSI):

                         National Informatics Centre Inc. (NICSI) was also setup under Section 25 of Company’s Acts mainly to promote utilization of information technology, computer communication network, informatics, developments of services, technologies, supplementing developments by NIC, promote value added computer and computer communication services, etc. Many Central and State government Departments have retained NICSI as their “Total-IT-Solution” provider.


National Informatics Centre, Begusarai (NIC):

            -           Established in 1988 in Collectorate campus.

-           Site shifting in area about 1020 sqft. In year 2002.

-           Computerized and Technical support is provided to district administration.

-           At present one NIC officer is working –Mr. Manish kumar Mishra, DIO.

-           And two Network Engineer is working –    (1) Mr. Roshan Kumar, Engineer Network-Management

                                                                                  (2) Mr. Rajeev Raj, Engineer Network-Management


Projects running under NIC, Begusarai is as follows:

                      National level projects

                        -           District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)

                        -           Land Records Computerization (LRC)

                        -           District Industry Center (D.I.C)

                        -           Agriculture Marketing Board (AGMARK)

                        -           Rural Engg. Office (R.E.O.)

                        -           Minor Irrigation 3rd Census 2001

                        -           7thAll India Education Survey

                        -           Disaster Management    

          State Level Projects

                        -           District Treasury

                        -           General Provident Fund

                        -           Commercial Taxes

                        -           District Court


                     Local District Projects

                        -           Welfare Schemes

                        -           Social Security

                        -           Internal Resources/ Revenue

                        -           Supply Office

                        -           Election

                        -           District Magistrate Court

                        -           Arms Licence Monitoring System

                        -           District Transport Office

                        -           Pension

                        -           General Section

                        -           District Nazarat

                        -           Establishment Section


Computerization of different schemes:-


                DRDA (District Rural Development Agency)

                        I.          S.G.S.Y. (Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna)

                        II.          M.S.T.P. (Million Shallow Tubewell Programme)

                        III.         P.M.R.Y. (Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojna)

                        IV.        C.C.S.S. (Credit-cum-Subsidy Scheme)

                        V.        I.A.Y. (Indira Awas Yojna)

                        VI.        I.A.Y. (Upgradation)

                        VII.       P.M.G.Y. (G.A.)(Pradhan Mantri Gramodya Yojna)

VIII.      P.M.G.Y. (Upgra.) (Pradhan Mantir Gramodya Yojna)

                         IX.        S.G.R.Y. Stream – I

                          X.        S.G.R.Y. Stream – II


                            Welfare Schemes :-

                        I.          Stipend Schemes

                        II.          Special Component Programme

                        III.         Minority Scheme

                        IV.        Handicapped Schemes

                        V.        Adip Yojna


                           Social Security :

                        I.          National Old Age Pension

                        II.          State Old Age Pension

                        III.         National Maternity Benefit Scheme

                        IV.        National Family Benefit Scheme

                        V.        Clothes Distribution Scheme.

 *           Monthly Progress Report for Co-ordination, commissionary & State level meetings are being prepared.


                        District Treasury :

-           District Treasury Begusarai has been computerized since July’ 99. Advice printing and accounts preparation is being done by computer. Till JULY' 2004 accounts has been prepared and also data has been sent to Finance server through FTP.

                           General Provident Fund Office :

-           Monthly Schedules are entered in treasury from year 2002-03

-           Monthly schedules (14,47,534) entry has been completed till January 2004 & yearly accounts is being prepared for year 2002-03.

-           Employee Master data (14,522) is updated till date.

-           One Server and three clients machine has been installed in GPF Office

                           Commercial Taxes Office :

            -           Computerized since 13th February’ 2002.

            -           STAMINA S/W Implemented.

-           Dealer Master Entry (2780) has been completed-           

-           Six Sectors (A,B,C,D,E, & R) are in this circle -   


                           Election :

-           Deployed and randomised the personnels in different following elections on ELECON S/W.

            -           Lok Sabha Election – 1998

            -           Lok Sabha Election – 2000

            -           Bidhan Sabha Election – 2002

            -           Bihar Panchayat Election – 2002

            -           Bihar Nagar Parishad Election – 2002

            -           Lok Sabha Election - 2004

-           Transmitted the data to Doordarshan & Election Commission.

            -           Appreciated by District Magistrate & Central Observers.

                    Internal Resources/ Revenue :   

-           Monthly Progress Report are being prepared for Co-ordination, Commissionary & State Level Meetings of Internal Recources & Revenue.

              Minor Irrigation :

-           Data Entry work has been completed or Minor Irregation 3rd Census 2001

             Supply :

-           NIC has computerized the list of benificiaries for Antyodya Yojna .as per Guidence of Supply Department.

                          REO Office Computerization :

-           Machine has been installed in REO Office, Begusarai for computerising the schemes Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna.

                        CNAA :

-          CNAA  project is to be started recently at CMO office using NIC S/W.

                       Bazar Samitee :

-           Using AGMARK S/W daily arrivals and price of items in the market are being sent through internet.

                      District Court :

-           District Court has been computerized since July 2000.

                    Land Record Computerization :

            -           Land Record Computerisation is in progress. 432 Mauja and land of 40,000 Raiyats out of 1200 villages data entry has been done till dated 18.08.2004.